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Minimum effort

Lack of common sense or lack of work ethic?

1# Disfigured dog

Put the advert up boss from r/NotMyJob

Credit: Reddit  

2# No engraving

Made the engraving,boss. from r/NotMyJob

Credit: Reddit  

3# Not print ready

title goes here fsdjik ndfij jkfns from r/NotMyJob

Credit: Reddit  

4# Straight ish

Close enough from r/NotMyJob

Credit: Reddit  

5# Brid

The Brids from r/NotMyJob

Credit: Reddit 

6# Backwards doors

Yes boss, I installed The new bathroom doors. from r/NotMyJob

Credit: Reddit  

7# Permanent display

Install the toilet, boss. from r/NotMyJob

Credit: Reddit  

8# Chopping board

Must’ve been a rough morning from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

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