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Mad ads to make your head turn

Some advertisements are smart and some are funny and some, well, they really make you wonder about the minds behind the marketing

#1 quit school ad

Credit: Imgur 

This one needed a little more placement planning.

#2 microwave butterflies ad

Credit: funnyjunk 

One question: Why Hannah? The poor butterflies.

#3 job ad

Credit: Imgur 

Quite possibly the best job advertisement ever.

#4 yoga suit ad

Credit: Instagram  

Just what every office needs, an employee ready for all those yoga tasks

#5 train station ad

Credit: Imgur 

This is just asking for trouble.

#6 cigarette ad

Credit: Imgur 

Ah those were the days - when doctors and smoking went hand in hand.

#7 people and fleas ad

Credit: Imgur 

This is one way to get your audience involved in advertising campaigns

#8 skate park ad

Credit: Imgur 

This is just too clever by half!

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