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Love that DNA

Unique qualities passed from parent to child.

In lockdown, many of us have been looking through old photographs for celebrations and nostalgia. Have you got a remarkable resemblance with one of your ancestors? Tweet your photos to @PunchlineGlos or email 

1# Looks like grandma

Credit: Twitter 

2# Seeing double

My Father and I at 29 from r/AncestryDNA

Credit: Reddit 

3# Modern rendition

My Norwegian great-grandmother and I favor quite a bit. According to my test (and genealogy maps) my Scandinavian roots are only 26%, but her genes must’ve been as strong as her back! from r/AncestryDNA

Credit: Reddit 

4# Generations apart

The genes seem to run strong in my fiancé’s family from r/pics

Credit: Reddit 

5# Decades apart

Me & my mom’s HS grad pics 2004/1971 from r/AncestryDNA

Credit: Reddit 

6# Mini me

My whole life people have told me "you look just like your Mom when she was your age". I never saw it but when I found this old picture of my Mom (L) when she was little... I see it. from r/AncestryDNA

Credit: Reddit 

7# Copy and paste

Me at age 30 vs my dad at age 14 from r/AncestryDNA

Credit: Reddit 

8# Striking resemblance

My great-great maternal grandmother vs me. Amazing what genes get passed down! from r/pics

Credit: Reddit 

9# Ctrl, shift + V

Me compared to my young dad and grandpa today from r/AncestryDNA

Credit: Reddit 

10# Grandma's baby face

My grandmother and I at age 2 from r/AncestryDNA

Credit: Reddit  

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