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I'm going to get an OBE before I die

On a farm, just across the severn bridge into Wales, a farmers wife couldn't find her husband, Steve.

She checked the cattle barn, the sheep's pen and even the chicken coop but he was nowhere to be found.

It was getting late and, worried, she ran out into the corn field in a desperate attempt to locate him. And sure enough, there in the middle of the field standing with his arms open and a mass of hay piled on top of his head was the farmer.

"Goodness me Steve, what on earth are you doing?" Asked his wife. "It's getting dark come on inside."

"Leave me alone!" grunted the tired farmer. Disgruntled, his wife left him to it thinking that he'd be back when he started to get hungry.

The hours went by and Steve still didn't return. Getting worried and thinking her husband have lost his way on his return to the farmhouse, the farmers wife went back to the corn field and sure enough, there was Steve standing in the middle of the crops like a scarecrow.

"Steve, you must come in at once, your supper's cold." She said.

"You leave me alone!" Shouted the farmer, now getting extremely annoyed.

"Well" said his wife, exasperated, "What are you actually doing that is so important?"

Steve replied, "I'm doing you proud - I'm going to get an OBE before I die."

"What? How?" his wife exclaimed.

"Well, the Queen said that I could get an OBE if I'm out standing in my field."

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