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Hunger guarantee

Picky people get exactly what they order.

1# Chicken pizza

Friend ordered chicken on her pizza in Israel. Reasonable execution. from r/deliciouscompliance

Credit: Reddit  

2# Extra mac

I got another mac and cheese burger. This time I asked for "as much mac and cheese as you can without getting fired." I might not survive. from r/deliciouscompliance

Credit: Reddit  

3# Extra cheese

asked for extra cheese from r/deliciouscompliance

Credit: Reddit 

4# More pepperoni

Asked for extra pepperoni from r/deliciouscompliance

Credit: Reddit  

5# Ranch on the side

I left a note in the delivery instructions asking for as much extra ranch as “legally allowed by state law” from r/deliciouscompliance

Credit: Reddit  

6# Blue cheese dip

A customer jokingly complained to the bartender that his blue cheese wasn't blue the last time he ordered it. from r/deliciouscompliance

Credit: Reddit  

7# Double order tacos

Ordered 12 tacos at Jack in the box at 2am, drive thru person must’ve accidentally put in 12 twice because we were asked again how many we got at the window, when we said twelve he just shrugged and told us to take all of them (24). We deliciously complied :D from r/deliciouscompliance

Credit: Reddit  

8# One-inch pizza

Just ordered a 12 inch pizza and meant to ask for it to be 10 inch, I mistyped and put 1 inch… from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

9# 30oz cheese

I manage a deli for a small chain supermarket. One of the cart guys asked me to make a pizza with 4x extra cheese. That's 30oz of cheese. from r/deliciouscompliance

Credit: Reddit  

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