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How is 2020 going?

Nobody can say it has been a great year, but we are learning a lot. We have compiled some of life's uncomfortable moments.

1# Lonely pepperoni

Credit: Twitter  

2# Peppered eggs

My pepper grinder broke this morning. from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

3# Mary Poppins

"It might rain today, I think I'll take my umbrella out." .... that went well! from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

4# Coasting

Well... i think the image speaks for itself. from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

5# Stranded

Shit. from r/funny

Credit: Reddit  

6# Lacking

Credit: Twitter  

7# Deflowering

Opening this cake box deflowered it from r/mildlyinfuriating

Credit: Reddit  

8# Flat screen

Flatter screen tv from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

9# Stovetop chop

Stovetop cutting board from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

10# Sad chocolate chip cookie

Credit: Twitter  

11# Delaying the inevitable

Delaying the inevitable from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

12# Who is cleaning olive that up?

I would hate to clean olive that up. from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

13# Regret

Regretting his life choices. from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit 

How is your 2020 going? Email 

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