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Gloucestershire Business News

High flying banking job in final stages of hiring process

Competition has been hotting up for applicants in the Cotswolds who are being interviewed for a prized position in the banking industry.

The bank manager was in the final stages of hiring a cashier and was down to the final two applicants.

The first one he interviewed was from the University of Gloucestershire. He was a nice young man, but a bit timid.

The second applicant, Jim Johnson, was a burly young Australian man who seemed quite sure of himself. "He looks like he can take care of any situation," thought the manager, and decided on the spot to hire him.

He told the first applicant that he could go and that they would let him know. Turning to Johnson, he said, "Jim, I like the way you carry yourself. That's an important asset for the job of cashier.

However, you must be precise. I notice you didn't fill out the part on the application where we asked for your formal education."

Jim looked a little confused, so the manager said, "Where did you get your financial education?"

"Oh," replied Jim. "Yale."

"That's excellent!" exclaimed the manager. "You're hired!"

"Now that you're working for us, what do you prefer to be called?" asked the boss.

"I don't care," replied the new cashier. "Yim, or Mr. Yohnson."

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