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Funny food

It's National Fried Chicken Day which has led Punchline down a narrow path of finding some tasty morsels for you to sink your teeth in.

A genius idea from America, preventing greasy fingers. A warm alternative to ice cream for stuffing waffle cones. It's in-cone-ceivable how we didn't think of this sooner...

Credit: Refinery

A little 'ruff' around the edges.

Credit: Rocket News

The shape of the UK or a forlorn figure?

Credit: Mirror 

We don't all enjoy eating our five-a-day, apparently they don't like it either.

Credit: Pinterest

Reminding us of our childhood teddy bears.

Credit: Difernews

We're quack-ing up at these.

Credit: Bored Panda

Do you believe it's hand grown?

Credit: Pinterest

Did you know you can craft your own fruit?

Credit: Design swan

Even carrots need a cuddle on a tough day.

Credit: Good to know 

This mouse looks a little larger than usual in his jacket.

Credit: Home Farmer 

Do you have pent-up frustrations of your fruit rolling away?

Credit: Rocket News 

Straw-bear-ies are sweeter when it's sunny.

Credit: Pinterest 

Toe-tally awesome creation from the ground.

Credit: Pinterest

We don't carrot all if our legs are a little hairy.

Credit: Telegraph 

What does this remind you of?

Credit: Wikipedia

A children's character like Pinocchio? Us too!

The funniest unusually shaped foods of all are a little cheeky.

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