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Fun with co-workers

These co-workers are outstanding in keeping the office amused. How do your colleagues stand out from the crowd?

Do any of your co-workers have a striking resemblance to celebrities?

Credit: Reddit

Start the day right, by appeasing the angry one.

Credit: Reddit

Listen to your co-workers complaints... with sympathy.

Credit: Reddit

Working together to get the job done

Credit: Reddit

Even if you don't like the person beside you

Credit: Reddit

We all wish we had thought of this - a stamp to wish ALL of your co-workers a happy birthday

Credit: Imgur

Beware of the person protective of their possentions, especially stationery and lunch

Credit: Reddit

And when they return, pulling a prank of your own

Credit: Reddit 

Finding humour, even on dark days

Credit: Reddit

Being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of paperwork

Credit: Bored Panda

Cut-out the short jokes by giving yourself a height boost

Credit: Reddit

Making memorials when your favourites leave

Credit: Reddit

Seeya later, alligator

Credit: Reddit

Do your colleages threaten you?

Credit: Reddit 

Or slash your tires?

Credit: Reddit 

Save time choosing where to pick up lunch by volunteering tributes for the hungry games

Credit: Reddit

Do you find yourself with too much time on your hands?

Credit: Reddit

Obey the stickers

Credit: Reddit

Little imagination or highly organised?

Credit: Reddit

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