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Entertaining cats

1# Charging cat

Credit: Twitter 

2# Pop-up cat

Credit: Twitter  

3# Surrender to food

Credit: Twitter 

4# Night-time messages

My cat has been at the vet for a few nights due to some health concerns and the vet nurse sends little messages and pictures every night from r/cats

Credit: Reddit  

5# Upstanding cat

Credit: Reddit  

6# Bathroom art

A friend of mine has bathroom art for their cat from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

7# Paper mattress

We got him a bed, but then a paper towel fell on the floor, so nevermind from r/cats

Credit: Reddit  

8# Paws in

Formation from r/cats

Credit: Reddit  

9# Open sesame

He’s taps the doorknob to let us know when he wants to go outside from r/cats

Credit: Reddit  

10# Please sir, can I have some more?

If it pleases you kind Sir may I ask for just one more treat? from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

11# Surprise kittens

We adopted a cat and weren’t told she was pregnant, 8 weeks later and here are the results 🥺 from r/cats

Credit: Reddit  

12# Don't wake the baby

My husband Sunday: “we are not keeping the stray.” My husband today: “Don’t wake up Oliver, he’s tuckered our.” Excuse his bed head from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

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