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Elf on the quarantine shelf

It is officially December and the elves are back.

1# Isolation debut

Elfie showed up in full quarantine fashion from r/elfontheshelf

Credit: Reddit  

2# Quarantine window

This "Elf on the Shelf" bag makes me giggle every time I see it. from r/pics

Credit: Reddit  

3# Snow globe elf

Quarantine Jar I made. Hes still watching. from r/elfontheshelf

Credit: Reddit  

4# Quarantined

Quarantined from r/elfontheshelf

Credit: Reddit  

5# Covid testing

Forgot to bring the elf out early to quarantine, so ours will be arriving with a negative covid test! from r/elfontheshelf

Credit: Reddit  

6# Arriving December 15th

Credit: Twitter  

What are your elves getting up to this year? Email  or tweet @PunchlineGlos.

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