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With concerns about the spread of Covid-19 and lockdown in place, not everyone is on their best behaviour.

1# Microwaved money

$5000 Canadian after someone using the microwave to disinfect it from r/WTF

Credit: Reddit  

2# Aversion to 'Corona' things

All the beans at my local grocery store are out except this one... from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

3# Snorkelling

Day 13 😂😂 from r/peopleofwalmart

Credit: Reddit  

4# Incorrect use of masks

How to put your mask correctly. from r/funny

Credit: Reddit  

5# Importance of social distancing

So, my work had a meeting about the importance of social distancing today... from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

6# Rooftop parties

Credit: Twitter  

7# Half a face mask

If you can’t smell it, you can’t get it. from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

8# Contradiction

5G—>Death = Science from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

9# One pair of gloves for all

This guy was eating his food wearing the same gloves he's been wearing since he walked in. from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

10# Button covers

Credit: Twitter  

11# Santa mask

To protect against Covid-19 from r/therewasanattempt

Credit: Reddit  

12# One-way coronavirus travel

Good to know Coronavirus only travels forward and backwards from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

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