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Christmas stress

Christmas is widely regarded as the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be stressful making sure things go according to plan.

Here are some of the most stressful moments of the holidays.

#1 Full time parental responsibility

Keeping the kids entertained all day every day is always challenging, especially when they receive all the items on their Christmas wishlists only to get bored by Boxing Day.

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#2 Bad humour and puns are celebrated

Especially when taken from a cracker and never go out of fashion, even after the hundredth retelling.

Credit: Twitter

#3 Realising your age

When the younger generation don't understand your references because they have not heard of the same songs, TV shows and games that you grew up with.

Also struggling with simple tasks like sitting and juggling shopping bags without struggle.

Credit: Ruin my week

#4 Constant interuptions

Trying to catch up on your favourite shows with constant interruptions from roomates and family and especially Netflix.

Credit: Good Housekeeping

#5 Pets

They can be little terrors, whether constantly wanting to get in on the action or tearing your house (and decorations) apart.

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#6 Being a responsible adult

Remembering to set a good example can be tricky after a few glasses, but favourites are determined fast.

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#7 Social media

Finding the perfect lighting, angle and pose to make an Instagram worthy shot. An overload of presents, pets and perfect couples.

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#8 Work

The weeks leading up to Christmas are the most stressful of all, deciding whether to ensure all your work is completed before the holidays with lots of early starts and late nights or working throughout your Christmas break.

At the same time, shopping for your family and friends, finding the best deals from Black Friday.

Credit: Twenty two words

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