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Chocolate day

How did they do that? Without eating it all!

We have 12 sculpted chocolate creations to celebrate. Some of them are almost too good to eat, it's a roll of the dice.

Credit: Smosh

Chocolate Day in the UK has us scuttling to our local shops...

Credit: Goossens 

Snapping up as much as we can.

Credit: Goodies Texas

Cogs are turning working out how much we can afford.

Credit: Pinterest

For shopaholics and chocoholics.

Credit: Wow amazing 

Just a little bite

Credit: Wow amazing 

Children's designs are the sweetest.

Credit: Not on the high street

The little ones won't need anymore motivation to eat this chocolate airplane.

Credit: Morkes chocolates 

An alternative to salad. We'd better eat them quickly before they melt in the sunshine.

Credit: Memey 

There's nothing scary about a monster made of chocolate.

Credit: Pinterest 

Patiently awaiting the production line for Christmas.

Credit: Blogspot 

Don't you feel any guilt at all?

Credit: Memey 

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