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Caught red handed

Pets caught in the act of being mischievous.

1# Plant falling

No regrets. A three part story. from r/CatsAreAssholes

Credit: Reddit  

2# Towel poncho

My dog chewed a hole through his towel and stuck his head through it. Now he wears it around the house like a poncho! from r/MadeMeSmile

Credit: Reddit  

3# Jungle cat

She looked guilty for a split second, then continued with her rampage from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

4# Destruction

This cat is destroying a house... a doll house from r/pics

Credit: Reddit  

5# Watching the clean-up crew

Credit: Twitter 

6# Busting through the door

Apparently we've adopted the Koolaid Man from r/pics

Credit: Reddit  

7# Cow costume

My dog made himself a perfect costume by destroying his stuffed cow.. from r/pics

Credit: Reddit  

8# Indoor sprinkler

Friend of a friend's pooch dragged the sprinkler in through the doggy door... from r/funny

Credit: Reddit  

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