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Cats of the week

We're halfway through another week, do you have a kitten at your feet?

1# Cats bedroom

Credit: Twitter 

2# Kitten charger

Credit: Twitter 

3# Hatred of windy beaches

Credit: Twitter 

4# Cat cankles

Credit: Twitter 

5# Cat scan

Schnitzi likes the scanner so much and always sits on it when I want to use it. So I just scanned him. from r/cats

Credit: Twitter 

6# I spy cat

“My cat literally thinks I can’t see him and jumps at me when I walk by” from r/cats

Credit: Reddit 

7# Cat politics

Holly for President! from r/cats

Credit: Reddit  

8# Makeshift bed

The family cat likes to sleep in my pants. from r/aww

Credit: Reddit 

9# Mother's eyes

Mother and her Baby ❤ from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

10# Cat nap

My cat Wuffy waits until my daughter has left for school before crawling under her blanket and putting herself to bed. from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

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