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Cat comments

The perks of owning a cat.

1# Fellow professional

Credit: Twitter  

2# Kissing cats

Credit: Twitter  

3# Shop

Credit: Twitter  

4# Sleep routine

Credit: Twitter  

5# Rude awakening

Woke up at 7am to find my cat covered in toothpaste. Yay toddlers! from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

6# Poor pets

Gave my toddler a lollipop, i went 2 refill his drink and when I turn around he’s just standing there minus the lollipop. Later on I found out where he put the lollipop. Fortunately for our cat it was just stuck in her fur and not inserted someplace it wasn’t supposed to be from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

7# Sprinkles

Toddler pulled the cat feeder down. I just filled it last night. from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

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