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Can you believe it?

Lacking common sense.

1# Eye mask

Credit: Twitter  

2# Avocado tree

Credit: Twitter  

3# Geography

BYE!! America see you... Never! from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

4# Vaccinations

Anti-vaxxer accidentally advocates for vaccines from r/insanepeoplefacebook

Credit: Reddit  

5# Anthropology

no fuck from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

6# Two types of people

No, It does not have a 2nd part from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

7# Pickle problems

Pickle problems from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

8# Plumbing

idiotic landlord from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

9# Wrong number

Sir, do you know how wrong numbers work from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

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