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Book Review: The Perfect Neighbours by Rachel Sargeant

If you like gripping psychological crime thrillers like The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough, then this should be your next read.

When Helen moves abroad to join her loving husband Gary, she can't wait to meet her fellow expat teachers from the local International School. But her new start is about to become her worst nightmare...

Her neighbours are perfectly charming and welcoming, but Helen suspects things are not as they seem. A child disappears, secrets are revealed and Gary is acting strangely.

When violence and tragedy strike, cracks appear in the community, and Helen realises her perfect neighbours are capable of almost anything...

Rachel Sargeant, author of The Perfect Neighbours,  spent ten years living in an expat community in Germany, just like her character Helen. Although she claims her neighbours were nothing like those she describes in the book. She thought that it would make a great setting for a book if she could just find the right story.

When she moved back to Britain, she researched audacious and outrageous crimes after reading something similar in a newspaper and found that such cases were far from unique. She wondered whether something similar could happen in a closed community where everyone knows everyone else's business, or thinks they do...

These two ideas formed the basis of her psychological thriller, The Perfect Neighbours, which leaves you wondering - how well do any of us know the people living next door?

This thrilling novel offers escapism from the stress of daily life as you follow Helen's perspective of moving to another country and navigating a new life living amongst her co-workers. Perceptions of their characters change as you attempt to discover who is being deceptive.

The more you learn, the less certain you become. Interwoven lies, affairs and long kept secrets are unravelled. This book keeps you guessing until the very end - was it him, or her, or them?

In the UK, The Perfect Neighbours reached the top ten of the Amazon Kindle bestseller chart and number one in the British and Irish Kindle Crime Chart.

Over 100,000 copies have been sold so far. This book has been given four stars on both Amazon and Goodreads by readers. It also reached number 45 in the USA Amazon bestseller chart.

The Perfect Neighbours is available in paperback for £7.99 and in various eBook formats for £2.99 from Amazon and HarperCollins.

Rachel is currently working on her next book, due to be published in January 2019.

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