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App of the week: Trello

Teamwork is sometimes tough to get right. This week's app of the week, Trello, helps to visualise projects and goals for efficient and effective collaboration.

Trello gives you a complete overview of all your projects, from anywhere in the world, whether they are business or home related.

Whether it's managing a large number of employees and keeping them on track, planning personal targets, or just making a personal to-do list, Trello is the go-to app staying on top and keeping organized.

"Trello is an awesome project management tool that makes collaboration easy and, dare I say, even fun." LIFEHACKER

With Trello you can:

• Create boards to organize anything you're working on

• Use them solo or invite colleagues, friends and family to edit, view and review

• Customize workflows for different projects

• Add checklists of "To-Dos" on Trello cards

• Assign and rank tasks to yourself and co-workers

• Upload photos and videos as well as attach important files

• Display cards in a calendar view to ensure you are aware of what to do, when

• Work offline anywhere in the world and boards will sync automatically when reconnected to the internet

Download Trello here. 

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