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App of the week: Basecamp 3

Are you running your business through a mess of email and texts? It's time to switch to Basecamp to stay organised. Trusted by thousands worldwide, Basecamp is the more organized way to manage projects and communicate within your business.

Inside every Basecamp project you'll find six core tools that will transform your business for the better:

1. To-do lists for tracking work.

2. A Message Board for posting announcements and updates.

3. A chat room for quick casual chats with the team, however big or small.

4. A schedule for posting deadlines and milestones.

5. Documents & files for organizing all the assets and notes everyone needs to do their work.

6. Automatic check-ins to get progress reports from the team on a regular basis.

Instead of using long and messy email chains...'ll use message boards to keep the conversation organized, centralized, and on the record.

Instead of needing to constantly remind people of what they should be doing...

...Basecamp's to-do's keep everything on track. If anything's late or requires follow up, Basecamp lets you know and holds everyone accountable.

Instead of wondering what's going on...'ll use Basecamp's reports to get the big picture on what's going on. Across projects, you can see what's overdue, who's working on what, what worked was completed on a given day, and much more.

Download Basecamp 3 now! 

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