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App of the week – 2nd March 2018

Through these challenging days of bad weather, you really need a weather app you can depend on. This week's app of week will help you to be one step ahead of the weather.


AccuWeather is an all-round comprehensive weather app which easily provides one of the most reliable and accurate forecasts. During the recent snowfall across the UK, the app provided the ability to see exactly where the snow was falling as well as an in depth forecast of how the weather changed on an hourly basis which proved invaluable.

The app also provides a 15-day forecast with information about each individual day including highs and lows, a written description and the chance of precipitation.

Top features:

• Track your local weather with real time updates, the latest weather maps & local weather alerts.

• Plan travel with MinuteCast®: rain, snow & ice forecasts, displayed minute-by-minute for the next two hours, all specific to your exact location.

• Track Temperature with RealFeel Temperature®: AccuWeather lists how warm or cold it feels outside. 

• View real time weather maps & weather radar animations.

Find out more and download the app here. 

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