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App of the week - 21st March 2018

Have you ever looked up into the night sky and wanted to delve more deeply into the study of stars and planets?

The Cosmic Watch is an interactive 3D tool. It's a realtime worldclock, time travel machine, astrolab, antikythera mechanism, orrery, armillary sphere, astral-chart generator and solar system simulator.

The clock face is set around the Earth's ecliptic, which allows us to see the celestial bodies moving with us while we experience time.

Cosmic Watch that puts the Earth and solar system on your smartphone. It brings real-time 3D models of the planet, constellations and planets, and you can also choose dates in the past to see a history of star positions. The app also features functions for those who enjoy astronomy, such as guidelines for positioning your telescope, and for those who believe in astrology, such as signs and retrograde motion of the stars.

If you would like to find out more click here  or email us for a discount code! 

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