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App of the week - 14th March 2018

In 2018, in a time when the high street is seeing so much uncertainly, connecting to customers online cannot be ignored.

Google My Business helps make small businesses visible on Google Search and Google Maps. Those are huge potential sources for business both on and offline. The app lets you update facts about your business like your hours of operation, name, and address as well as managing multiple locations if needed. You can see exactly how customers are interacting with your business online. That makes it one of the important business apps for small businesses, new businesses, and basically any business without a website or presence online.

Key features include:

- The ability to update your business name, address, and hours

- Upload photos of your business

- Manage and respond to customer reviews

- Custom insights on where and how many people are searching for you

- Notifications when customers are talking about your business

- Manage multiple locations from one dashboard, and invite others to manage your listing

To find out more and download the app, click here 

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