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Brilliant inventions to help make life easier, living with a disability.

1# Art for the blind

At the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, they have versions of paintings so that blind visitors can still enjoy the art from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

2# Sea turtle carousel

This carousel in Hong Kong has a sea turtle mounted to the floor for disabled children. from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

3# Colour blind viewer

A color blind viewer from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

4# Arthritis kettle

This kettle fits in to a tilting mount to help people with arthritis pour from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

5# Longer crossing times

If you’re an elderly or disabled, you will receive a card that enables you to cross the road with a longer countdown time (Singapore) from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

6# Wheelchair swing

This park has a swing for wheelchair users from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

7# Hearing aid microphone

This wearable microphone one of my students gave me to beam directly to his hearing aids from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

8# Motorized wheelchair

This man lost his legs so he built a ramp onto his trike to use his motorized wheelchair to drive it! from r/pics

Credit: Reddit 

9# Tilted mirror

This sink and tilted mirror is perfectly adapted to a help a disabled person from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

10# Braille chocolate

My daughter is blind and for her ninth birthday party we made braille chocolate message slabs - I LOVE YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY in braille. from r/pics

Credit: Reddit  

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