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17 things even panic buyers don't want

Panic buyers are leaving supermarket shelves across the world empty - or are they?

The public are being very selective with their bulk-buying choices and some are rather comical.

1# Broccoli pizza

Credit: Julianaillari 

2# Carrots

Real commentary on the human condition - no matter what kind of mixed vegetables you buy, there’s ALWAYS too many carrots. from r/mildlyinfuriating

Credit: Dydodiem 

3# Unsalted crisps

Credit: strickinato 

4# Corned beef

Credit: ladystephy 

5# Spinach pasta

Credit: MontDidi 

6# Pineapple pizza

Credit: Philotroll 

7# Onions

The only produce left at my local grocery store is onions because nobody wants that trash from r/onionhate

Credit: biz_o_scaring_cats 

8# Tesco finest pasta

Credit: Queenofdialysis 

9# More beer


10# Corona!

Good news! Supermarket shelves are not completely empty yet! from r/Luxembourg

Credit: cedriceent 

11# Chocolate hummus

Credit: Noahgo 

12# Vegan pizzas

Credit: Veganrecovering 

13# The bagels

Credit: TehGriz 

14# Crunch crisps

Credit: Alexhofford 

15# Frozen peas

Credit: brandonw1971 

16# Peanut butter

Credit: RedBeardedN1nja 

17# Frozen onions and peppers

Credit: josephjrose 

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